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Chat Icons now available!

January 10, 2016 in Announcements, Blog, Features, News

You can now purchase custom chat icons with Funtokens! Perfect to jazz up your username in chat and also shows on the online page.
They cost 500 Funtokens each and last 1 month.
Visit the chat-icons page to browse and choose your favourite.
If you need funtokens, they are also now available to buy in the shop.
Get them while they’re hot!
Right now there are limited icons available but we’ll be adding a load more for the new chat software.



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Release: Server Control Panel

May 15, 2014 in Announcements, Blog, Features, News

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard on the latest new features for FCC – Late last week we completed a server control panel for server owners & operators.


Easily see who is online
Monitor number of rooms
See how has visited your server today
View your Owner & Operator lists
View how many Owners or Operators are currently online
Editable rules which get shown before entering
Set a banner for your rules page
Edit your server description
Verification system – turn this on to restrict non-verified users
View your banlist
Monitor server stats including donations, server visits and high user count – compete with other servers!

It is also fully compatible with mobile phones and tablets so now you can monitor your server easily on the move!

We hope you enjoy and find this initial release useful. More features will be coming soon.

Check it out now:

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Upcoming Features

April 16, 2014 in Announcements, Blog, Features, News

After completing the latest client updates, we will be working on some great new features over the next few weeks & months to make FCC the best Webcam Community ever!
If you have any ideas for improvements please leave a comment or email [email protected] and we’ll consider it!
Read about some of the upcoming features below:

New Chat System
For a few months now we have been working on new chat software which will allow you to chat from any browser, any operating system and any device.
This means that finally Mac/Linux users will be able to join chat as well as users on mobile & tablets.

Age Verification System
Server Owners will be able to choose to activate an age verification system, where unverified users will only have access to the Lobby until verified.
Verification can be done manually or by one of the many online age verification services.

Webcam Block
Allow users to block people from viewing their webcam.

As always, development on all of our bots will continue, coming soon: DJBot, OpBot and MathBot


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TextChat™ coming soon!

March 20, 2011 in Features

Want to go into chat on your phone? Perhaps even on your new Ipad? Well now you can! Coming soon to every web browser and mobile device, we’re sure you will love this great new feature!

by admin

Want a server?

March 20, 2011 in Features

Want to run your own server? For a small monthly fee you can be the boss! Choose your own Operators and friends to help you run it. Free Trivia Bot included. Find out more here.

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Webcam Community

March 20, 2011 in Features

The best & friendliest online webcam community. Chat with people with great audio and video quality! Keep in touch with friends and relatives. Forge new friendships with people who share your interests!

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