Release: Server Control Panel

May 15, 2014 in Announcements, Blog, Features, News

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard on the latest new features for FCC – Late last week we completed a server control panel for server owners & operators.


Easily see who is online
Monitor number of rooms
See how has visited your server today
View your Owner & Operator lists
View how many Owners or Operators are currently online
Editable rules which get shown before entering
Set a banner for your rules page
Edit your server description
Verification system – turn this on to restrict non-verified users
View your banlist
Monitor server stats including donations, server visits and high user count – compete with other servers!

It is also fully compatible with mobile phones and tablets so now you can monitor your server easily on the move!

We hope you enjoy and find this initial release useful. More features will be coming soon.

Check it out now:

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