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    Camfrog Web Features

    * Multiple talking users. Up to 8 users can talk at the same moment.
    * Desktop sharing. Up to 4 users can share their desktops simultaneously. Desktop sharing works in two different modes such as “full desktop sharing” and “region sharing”. “Region sharing” mode allows user to choose a part of desktop space, which should to be shared.
    * Different audio modes. The first one is classic audio mode, when all the users in a virtual room can hear talking users. The second one allows to hear users whose web-cam is opened.
    * Single UDP-port system. Unlike the previous version of CamfrogWeb which uses range of UDP ports, this version uses only one UDP port.
    * Acoustic echo cancelation. Echo cancelation system allows to reach good sound quality in bad acoustic conditions while some users are talking at the same moment.
    * Video technology changes allow Camfrog Web to increase video resolution up to 264×216.
    * Platform independence. Server can be ran on Windows and Linux operation systems. (Linux version is not tested yet). Also CamfrogWeb plugin, which allows users to communicate via web-browser works on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    Also new CamfrogWeb Advanced server allows easily configure each virtual room separately and all together.


    Conservatively, when do you think the linux version of the client will be available? I used to love funchatcam but since moving to linux I’ve missed it a great deal.


    well i have dual boot wth windows xp and linux mint 13..and puppy linux tahr as alternative by a cdlive boot and savefile in a sd(512mb size) lol !!! pc is an old pentium4 and works pretty fine wth linux and just ok wth xppro!…i use windows just for sites like funchatcam….i wish a linux version soon too!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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