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    It’s been a busy week with some new developments taking place and also working with a few issues with the client.

    Chatpoints are now fixed and back running. The previous method for calculating them, for some reason, started to fail as a result of the website speed & latency slowing down. Now we calculate them in a different way which should work better and not impact the client as much.

    The website and other code is now all managed via Git. This enables us to easily develop and also plan things with roadmaps and issues. We can also easily rollback if a recent update has broken something.

    We’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline to make Funchatcam the best webcam chat site on the planet.

    This week we will publish a page where you can see all these ideas and vote for the ones that you want done first!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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