Q- How do I get a Pro Account?
A- It’s really easy to pick up a pro account. You can click on the Pro tab on the website or click here.

Q- How do I pay for my Pro account?
A- there are a few options for payment:
Using paypal
A credit or debit card (not pre-paid)
Coming soon with Funtokens

Q- Can I use my prepaid debit card?
A- Probably not, this is a PayPal thing. Let us know if you’re having issues.

Q- How do I know if i am a Pro user?
A- If you have bought a pro you nickname will be in bold lettering once you are in chat, also on your profile page there will be an orange PRO badge.

Q- How do I manage my subscription?
A- Managing your subscription is done through the My account page. You will find this by hovering over the Shop tab on the main homepage and clicking on My account in the drop down menu. Here you will find out all the info you need about when your Pro is up, and what state it is in (Active, Frozen or Pending).

Q- Can I buy another user a Pro Membership?
A- Not just yet. Once the funtoken shop is up and running you will be able to buy pros for other users. They are available for 1 day, 1 week & 1 month.

Q- Can I cancel the subscription?
A- Yes, you can do this on your My Account page.

Q- I’ve paid for pro but on the wrong nickname. Can I change it over?
A- Yes, just email us at [email protected] and they will get back to you as soon as possible to help you resolve your issue. Please include the old & new usernames and email addresses to make this as quick and easy as possible for you.