January 3, 2016 in Announcements, Blog

Can you help?

You may have noticed by now the new page that appears when you enter the chatrooms. This donation page is just a gentle reminder that if you’re able, it would be great if you could offer a donation (however small).

Many thanks to those that have donated so far!

Donations help keep the site running and show us that you love the place. The running costs each month are again climbing as we upgrade servers and services.

We’re working on some amazing new features for 2016 and without you none of this would happen, so please donate if you can. Even just $3 can make all the difference!

You can donate by visiting the donate page at the top of the website, or by using paypal to our email address: [email protected]

If you have any suggestions or could help in other ways, please leave a comment or email us at [email protected]

Many thanks,

The Funchatcam Team

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